It’s time for Hunter Weapon Transmograpalooza!

4.3 is here today, and with the new patch comes the ability to TRANSMOGRIFY. Being someone who has hoarded weapons and gear since I was level 40-something, I’ve been forming a list of the best stuff out there for years and I thought I would post my top 10 picks.

I tried to keep my lists limited to items that can be farmed since quest reward items tend to be a little harder to obtain [due to the possibility that someone might have already completed the quest and therefore no longer have access to it]. Plus, raid drops tend to be much nicer looking than quest items anyway.

Top 10 ranged weapons

  1. Melmorta’s Twilight Longbow (pictured above)
  2. Avalanche / Golemheart Longbow / Siren’s Cry
  3. Ironfeather Longbow
  4. Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas
  5. Rifle of the Platinum Guard / Veranus’ Bane
  6. Heartstriker
  7. Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix
  8. Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle
  9. The Boomstick
  10. Arrowsong

Legacy items

These are some of the best weapons EVER made in the game. Unfortunately, they are no longer obtainable, so they’re very much a “you had to be there” type item.
Frankly, if you were around when these quests/items were available and you don’t use them for transmog, you’re doing it wrong.

Honorable mentions

Top 10 melee weapons

  1. Dreambinder / Rapture
  2. Crystalheart Pulse-Staff
  3. Staff of Immaculate Recovery
  4. Black Ice (pictured above)
  5. Glaive of the Pit
  6. Apostle of Argus
  7. Terestian’s Stranglestaff
  8. Hellreaver
  9. Zhardoom, Greatstaff of the Devourer
  10. Bloodfall

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Hunter-related questions from the Class Design & Balance Q&A

Sort of a lazy blog entry here, I guess. MMO-C posted the Class Design & Balance Q&A on their site yesterday and a “recap” today. Info relavent to hunters is as follows:

  • With Aspect of the Cheetah on you won’t get dazed when attacked, but the speed bonus will be turned off when you get hit.
  • There has been some discussion of a possible “pet stampede” spell. Nothing is set in stone on it though.
  • Snake trap is a utility trap and will not have it’s damage buffed.
  • Hunters will lose parry as part of the trade-off for losing minimum range.
  • Transmorph Trap is a nature trap that allows you to cast Scare Beast on the transmorphed target. It will have a similar duration to Freezing Trap.


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