Transmog Thursday: Faux Spiritstalker

Every Thursday, I’d like to feature a great looking hunter transmog set. We’ll start off this series with my current transmog set, something I call Faux Spiritstalker.

This is the first non-tier transmog set I put together for myself. It’s a combination of T10 and T13 shaman pieces with a bow from Naxx. This set looks great when paired with the undead vulture pet!

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s half-raid drops, half-crafted items, so it was pretty easy to put together.

Helm: Snowstorm Helm
Shoulder: Imperfect Specimens 27 and 28
Chest: Ghostworld Chestguard
Gloves: Gloves of Ghostly Dreams
Belt: Nerubian Belt OR Girdle of Shattered Stone
Pants: Nerubian Legguards
Boots: Swiftarrow Boots
Range: Arrowsong
Polearm: Grizzy Glaive of the Owl

If your hunter has an awesome transmog you’d like featured, email me pictures (and info about the pieces used) at!

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The evolution of my UI

Something I’ve always found amusing is looking back at how my old screen shots snd laughing at how genuinely terrible my UI used to be. In my Hunter 101 post on setting up your UI, I explain why it’s important to have certain things in certain places to maximize your efficiency while playing.

This is my current UI. I use ElvUI with several modifications to the default setup. I’ve really streamlined my UI at this point… I barely use any addons anymore, just Serenity, Recount, Quartz, Miks Scrolling Battle Text, Omen, and DBM. Serenity is still the only addon I consider to be completely essential. If I could only have two addons, I’d pick Serenity and NeedToKnow.

Behind the cut, follow me on a journey through the fairly embarrassing evolution of my UI.


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Hunting Heroic Dragon Soul

The expansion is rapidly coming to a close and Tier 13 is ending. With the 20% nerf coming out, even more people will be progressing through Dragon Soul. Hunters were all over the place this tier. We started out okay then quickly got nerfed into the ground. They finally fixed us a couple patches in to 4.3 and with good gear and great knowledge of the fights, we are able to go head to head with some of the classes who spend a bit too much time sitting at the top of the meters.

This guide assumes you already have previous knowledge of the fights and focuses mainly on hunter-specific mechanics and tricks you need to know to maximize your effectiveness in the encounters. I have also included videos of the fights from a hunter POV so you can get an idea of what your role in the fight will look like. (Language in videos may be considered NSFW, you have been warned!)


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