New channel!

I decided to set up a channel to stream content so I can work out all the bugs before MoP comes out. I plan on live-blogging my progress to level 90 and this channel is going to be a huuuuge part of that. In the meantime, I’ll be doing broadcasts of raids and possibly broadcasting as I level one of my hunter alts. Who knows! There’s not much to do in game right now, but I’m gonna find something to broadcast and blog about, damn it!

Possibly will stream something tonight, but I for sure want to stream my raid tomorrow night! If you’re not following me on Twitter, you should probably start… I’m going to be posting there whenever I start streaming! !!!

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Update: New Heroic Dragon Soul Videos!

I have just added Hunter POV videos for every fight to my Hunting Heroic Dragon Soul guide! These videos should help clarify any questions regarding fight mechanics or positioning and give you a good idea of what your role in the fight will be if you’re new to the fight as a hunter. Enjoy!

To directly view the videos on my YouTube, you can jump directly to the playlist here: Dragon Soul Playlist

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New blog address! Update your bookmarks!

I finally completed the move from a wordpress-hosted blog to a self-hosted blog.

Update your bookmarks to!

I’m still working out the bugs on the new site, so if you find anything that is broken or not working properly, please let me know! I went through all my old posts and updated the links, so things SHOULD be linking properly within the blog. But I may have missed something. Who knows!

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