Hunter 101: Gear and stats

Long story short, if it’s an item in the game, it’s for a Hunter

I almost didn’t even write this post since all loot in the game is Hunter loot™. But since the other support classes might find that unfair [for whatever reason], I thought I would go ahead and write up a guide on what to look for, should you want to be a kind and benevolent Hunter and give lesser gear to the support classes.

“Hunter weapon… Hunter weapon…. oh! This was made for a Hunter.” — ancient Hunter proverb

In all seriousness, though, we Hunters are pretty lucky when it comes to gear. A lot of the gear in the game works for us and it’s relatively easy to find really good gear at low levels.


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Hunter 101: Races

When rolling a hunter, your first choice to make is which race to choose? First you need to decide what your priorities are. Do you want to raid? PvP? Mostly just quest and do solo content?

Unless you are looking to really min/max your DPS, you can be successful with any race, but there are a couple of races for each faction that make the most sense for a hunter.

This guide lists the races in order of best to worst as far as racials go.


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Hunter 101: Which pet should I get? (WOD)

One of the most frequently asked questions from new hunters is:

What is the best pet for the DPS?

You see, my little hunters, there is no one “right” answer for this. There are many pets in our hunter arsenal that are the best pet for the situation. The best pet for your DPS is dependent upon what you’re doing. I wouldn’t use the same pet for raiding that I would use in a battleground. My arena pet might be different from my battleground pet. The pet I use for questing isn’t the same as the pet I use to run 5 man dungeons, and I certainly do not use that pet when I hunter tank or do some extreme soloing.

Hunter pets are one of the biggest utilities we have to offer and the sign of a truly good hunter is one who knows which pet to use in what situation and why. Blizzard blessed us with an overflowing stable in Cataclysm… we have FIFTY pet slots now! This is a fantastic opportunity, use those slots well.


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A return to blogging

Those of you who follow me elsewhere may have noticed that I’m getting back in to the swing of blogging. That’s right, my one fan, I am back!

Mists of Pandaria was just not the expansion for me. The mandatory dailies felt like a second job, and about a month or two in to the expansion IRL stuff caught up with me, I got so busy at work I didn’t even have time to play WoW much less blog about it, and I decided to take a break and get RL sorted out so I could enjoy playing WoW again.

I resubbed in March and have been busting my butt to get caught up with everything before the new expansion! I relearned my class just in time for 6.0 to drop and completely change everything about hunters, isn’t that always how it goes?? HA! I’m so glad to be back, I missed the game, I missed my guild, I missed the community, I missed all of YOU, and of course within weeks of resubbing, the itch to blog was there again.

What’s on the agenda?

Updated guides!

I’m working on updating all of my Hunter 101 guides with WOD information right now. With the gear squish and overhaul of stats in general, almost every single one of my existing guides not only needs to be updated with new expansion-specific info, but almost completely rewitten from scratch!

New guides!

I’ve got a few new guides in the works, too. In addition to my resubbing to the game, I FINALLY convinced my boyfriend to play and he’s rolled a little nooblet hunter, which has given me a completely new perspective on the process of leveling and learning a hunter. I’m trying my best to be hands-off and let him do his own thing (I swear I am! It’s tough, but I’m trying!!!!) and as a result, I’ve got tons and tons of ideas for posts, guides, and general information people new to the class may need.

If you’ve got a suggestion for something you think I haven’t covered, let me know!

New project!

AND I’ve got a brand new Warcraft blog project in the works with one of my very best friends! I’m really excited about this new blog and I can’t wait till we’re ready to launch it, I think people will really like it!

Grand plans for the future aside, first and foremost for me was an overhaul of the blog’s layout and design.

About a week ago I started re-reading my old posts and guides to see how I could improve things and I realized the existing format wasn’t conducive to locating information quickly and easily, so with the redesign I’m focusing on making this site easier to navigate and information easier to find. I’m working on creating a more blog/website hybrid rather than using a purely blog-style layout. As I iron things out and get the guides updated, let me know what you guys think!

I’ll also be at Blizzcon!

So you can expect some pretty exciting live-blogging going on from the convention center in Anaheim. If you don’t already follow me on Twitter and Tumblr, you might want to add me so you can get all of my Blizzcon updates as they’re posted!

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