Advice: How do I look for a new guild?

I got this question the other day:

Do you have any advice for a fellow hunter who’s current group is holding them back. I want to get into a more progressed guild but I have neither the kills nor the gear to apply for such a guild. Is there anything I can put on the app to make me more desirable? I do my research and I know all the fight mechanics. I just dont have the kills

I’ve actually had people ask me variations of this question a handful of times now, so I went ahead and decided to publish my reply to this particular ask since I’m sure many people are looking for similar advice.

My response got a little wordy, but finding a new guild is a pretty big deal, so I think it’s worth more than just a couple sentences:

You sound like you are in the same situation I found myself in several months ago. I was unhappy with the guild I was in and though I liked a handful of the people on my raid team and a few more in my guild, I was fairly unhappy… not only raiding with them, but with the server in general. We were stuck at 5/13 in T11 and I wanted a better opportunity, so one night I went on wowprogress, looked up Alliance guilds in the top few US servers and found some guilds that needed a hunter. I focused my search on guilds whose progression was where I *wanted* to be… guilds who were working on 10 or 11/13. I knew I could handle that level of progression and I made it clear in my app that my lack of progression was due to a stagnant guild, not my inability to perform at that level.

I handled hunter apps in my last guild and I try to have some input on new applicants in my current guild. What I look for on a hunter app is not how much gear you have, but what you are doing with the gear you DO have. Not everyone has been lucky with drops and has 4pc set or best in slot this and that. I don’t care about your ability to loot whore. I want to see that you know your stat priority and know how to properly gem, enchant, and reforge your gear. Lack of gear can be fixed very easily, especially in a guild with more progression than you since all the main raiders will already have the gear off farm bosses and you can have gear thrown at you all night. Skill is more important than gear. Knowing how to play your class is more important than having a high item level.

Having current raid progression is great, but a solid raiding history is more important. If someone has bad progression for this tier but cleared the last 2 or 3 tiers with fairly good progression, I’d be more likely to overlook a lack of hardmodes in T12. In my last guild, we brought in a hunter who was 11/12 normal T11 while we were working on our 5th heroic boss. He had fairly crappy gear due to bad progression in his previous guild, but he knew how to play and was able to quickly adapt to every new heroic mode with minimal explanation from me before the fight. Skill can’t be taught, and I’d rather bring a player with “bad progression” to a raid than someone who is mediocre or average at their class and has been carried through kills by a decent group.

Long story short, progression and gear don’t matter as much as your knowledge of your class and your ability to adapt quickly and play well. Any good guild will care more about you as a player than your shiny epics, ilvl, and your boss kills. If you already had the gear and the progression, why would you be apping elsewhere?

If you want to get more progression, are there pugs on your server doing more content than your guild? I’m assuming your guild isn’t the top guild on your server… do the top guilds have alt runs you could try to get in to? On my server, pugs are doing full clears of Firelands easily and most are attempting/downing 3-4 heroic bosses since the nerfs have happened. Look in to that.

If your server is fairly inactive or has terrible progression, you might need to shop around for a new server like I did. You’re paying money to play this game. If you want to raid in a progression guild, find one you like! There’s no sense in paying money every month to be unhappy with a group of people you don’t enjoy playing with anymore.

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