All-hunter raid downs Omnotron Defense System! (World first!)

The all hunter <WHU> guild just downed the Omnitron Defense System and I was lucky enough to be a part of it!!

Totally awesome experience, I’ve not been able to attend a WHU event since we raided Northrend over a year ago, so it was really awesome to get to do another event with these guys. I’m glad they decided to allow cross-realm participation, because my dwarf hunter in the WHU guild is still just level 50 something. I’m terrible with keeping my alts as up to date as my main, so I’m pretty sure even if my baby dwarf was level 85, I’d have been more useful on Zanbon anyway. ^_^

Of all the stuff I’ve accomplished in this game, I’m pretty sure this is near the top on the list of stuff I’m most proud of being a part of.

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