Ask Z – Beast Mastery questions

Questions covered this week:

  • What’s your opinion on BM?
  • Can I use an exotic pet as MM if I dual spec BM/MM?
  • How do you handle bad pet AI raiding as BM?
  • Should I use Focus Fire during Bestial Wrath?

anonymous asked:

What’s your opinion on Beast Mastery?

I love it. It’s a fun spec to play, you have access to exotic pets the other specs can’t use, and it’s a legitimately good spec on some fights. I play BM sometimes when our raid needs the 3% buff and have ranked fairly often while playing it. I was BM last night when we downed Heroic Blackhorn for the first time, and have been trading going BM on some fights with one of the other hunters in the raid while we don’t have a ret pally. TBH, even once we find a ret, I’ll prolly stay BM for certain fights.

SV is the highest DPS spec for hunters, but BM has been buffed enough to be fairly competitive. It’s definitely doing more DPS than MM nowadays. I’m doing Heroic Spine progression as BM right now due to the incredible burst it’s got. Combine Beastial Wrath with that on-use VP trinket and you’ve got some crazygood burst DPS going on there.

anonymous asked:

If you dual spec MM/BM and you tame an exotic on BM, can you still use it on MM?


You have to have the Beast Mastery talent (final tier of the BM tree) to control exotic pets.

anonymous asked

How do you handle the awful pet A.I. coding raiding as BM?

The only problem I ever really had with my pet on Spine of Madness was sometimes he would inexplicably LOS me during the tendon burn phase and I was unable to have him execute a kill command or use bestial wrath. I learned pretty early on to pop BW right before my pet got to the tendon rather than right after to make sure I’m not missing any uptime on that cooldown. I’d rather lose a second or two of a cooldown to travel time than spend 3 or 4 globals frantically spamming a button trying to jump around to get my pet un-LOSed so I could use my ability.

All you really can do is just learn what the bugs are, anticipate the problem, and find a way to not let it be a problem anymore.

kattniiss asked

I dont have much experience as bm but I want to ask a question Ive been wondering about. During Bestial Wrath I want to hit as many kill commands and arcane shots as possible, and use Fervor for this phase to increase my focus if I get low so I can keep zerging things. But if Focus Fire pops up do I want to use it during bigredpet or wait till afterwards because it takes away all the frenzy stacks and therefore decreases my pets dps?

I think you are misreading the tooltip!

Focus Fire
15 sec cooldown
Consumes your pet’s Frenzy Effect stack, restoring 4 Focus to your pet and increasing your ranged haste by 3% for each Frenzy Effect stack consumed. Lasts for 20 sec.

This is a buff you want to have up AT ALL TIMES. Not only does using it restore focus to your pet, it increases your haste, therefore increasing your pet’s attack speed. You absolutely want to make sure Focus Fire is up during bigredpet. YES. Focus Fire is essential during BW.

Focus Fire is the Improved Serpent Sting of BM.

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