Ask Z – Hunter pet questions

Questions covered this week:

  • What’s your favorite pet? Favorite raid boss?
  • What’s the best pet to raid with?

crypticblakout asked:

What is your favorite pet in the game, One you have now or have had in the past? And what is your favorite raid boss? Current or old content.

Oh god, this is like asking someone to pick their favorite child.

The very first rare I ever tamed was Arcturis

He’s always been one of of my favorite Spirit Beasts. I love the “pulsating” heartbeat animation he’s got. It’s beautiful. The details like that are what really make me like this game.

My most emotional tame was probably Loque.

I hunted this guy off and on for almost 2 years. Found him dead SO many times. Saw him killed in front of my face. I finally decided I *had* to have Loque so I went to Sholozar and I sat. All day. For a week. And when I say “all day” I mean, I slept for about 1 or 2 hours a night, barely ate, barely moved from my chair. I didn’t trust NPCScan to catch him. I needed this pet.

When I finally tamed him, my hands were shaking, my heart was racing, I almost cried I was so happy. I felt like the WEEK I’d spent was finally worth it because I finally had the pet I’d been trying to find for nearly 2 years.

One of my favorite non-rares is my oily wolf. It was the first “cool” pet I ever tamed. I got him back in wrath with the use of lots of haste gear and good timing. I didn’t use any exploits or cheats. I got him fair and square. ^_^

Favorite raid boss? Definitely Sinestra.

That boss is incredible. The fight is challenging, the mechanics are fun, it’s stood the test of time through the entire expansion. You can’t out-gear her. You actually have to be GOOD to kill Sinestra. All the wipes, all the late nights spent working on the fight, I’d do it all again. Love this fight.

gift-of-naaru asked:

I know you have probably covered this in some form or another. But my question is. What is the most useful pet in raids? I currently only do 10mans and it seems I am using my ravager, hyena, or dragonhawk most frequently. Since most the other buffs/debuffs are already applied. Ive been using RaidChecklist to monitor what is or isn’t available. What pet do you find you use most often? Is using an wolf (or any other pet) more beneficial that the the pets I have been using?

It’s good you’re thinking about which pets bring which buffs, that’s very important when raiding as a hunter! Well done. ^_^

When I raided 10m I was using my ravager the most because we didn’t have anyone to bring that buff. On Sinestra 10m, I used my dragonhawk because we didn’t have that buff.

In my current 25m, we generally have every buff so I bring whichever pet I feel like. The hunter lead uses a wolf, the other hunter uses a wasp for some reason, and we just got a new trial hunter who I think is using a cat, though I’m not 100% sure. Generally I just raid with my cat, but on some fights I’ll bring a special pet because of fight mechanics… for example, on Alysrazor, I was asked to use a raptor for the faerie fire debuff so I could park my pet on an add to help the tank out. I kind of want to start raiding with a bird just because it’s funny.

It’s very rare I *need* to bring a buff anymore, tbh. I guess I’m just lucky in that sense.

When I raid as BM, I just shuffle through my army of spirit beasts. Generally when I’m playing BM, though, I’m not taking the content seriously and proper raid buffs aren’t really top priority for me. 😡

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