Ask Z – What’s your favorite?

Questions covered this week:

  • What’s your favorite spec?
  • What spec do you prefer for PvP?
  • How do you feel about hunters right now? Wishlist for Pandaria?

tsurockets asked:

what’s your favoritest hunter spec to play as? like, completely disregarding what’s optimal for dps right now.

Probably BM. It’s the most fun and you have access to the widest variety of pets. If you string your cooldowns together properly, you can have some serious HOLYSHITSOMUCHDAMAGE moments. <3 BIGREDPET.

I also really love MM, because it’s such a challenging spec to do well with. You have to really know the fight (positioning is SO important in MM so you can maximize your amount of time spent standing still for hardcasting aimed shot when you can) and have a good handle on your rotation, so you are rewarded for making an effort and knowing how to play your class well. I also like that it’s not super RNG-y. SV is easily my least favorite spec because a) it’s boring, and b) it’s heavily dependent on getting lots of LnL procs to top meters. Sometimes I’ll get like six procs in a row doing single target DPS and sometimes I’ll only get one proc for the entire duration of my explosive trap on an AOE part of a fight. And I’m sitting there like …seriously?

My hatred for SV has grown smaller over this last raid tier, but it’s still by and far my least favorite spec. If another spec was equal to or even close to the DPS of SV, I’d be playing that spec. (Which is why I play BM on H Morchok and H Spine… I can do as much or more DPS as BM than the other SV hunters in my raid group :D)

fuckyeahalliance asked:

What spec do you personally prefer for PvP and why?

BM for the insane burst that not many people can live through + self heals with a spirit beast or MM for the slightly less insane burst + all the utility in the talent tree (readiness, concussive barrage, marked for death, etc) + slightly less powerful self heals.

robfoxirl asked:

How do you feel about hunters overall right now from a PVE and PVP perspective? Is there anything you would really like to see changed for the next expansion?

I’m pretty satisfied with hunters in PVE right now. We’re not overpowered, which means we hopefully won’t see any nerfs any time soon, but we’re also not the worst class in the game anymore, so it’s worthwhile to bring hunters, even multiple hunters, to raids.

I know everyone says this about their class, but I really do think hunters are the best class in the game. We are a pure DPS class that can properly tank and have fairly legitimate heals. Spirit Mend, Spirit Bond, Chimera Shot, and Gift of the Naruu [if you are a smart hunter and go Draenei, like me] aren’t really hardcore heals… but as a hunter, you’re not SUPPOSED to be taking damage. We don’t NEED heals. We have sooo much damage mitigation and avoidance.

I haven’t seriously PvPed on my hunter this entire expansion because I got really, really burned out on PvP right at the beginning of Cata when hunters were super broken. I have kept up with my PvP gear each season, but haven’t really had the opportunity to attempt serious arenas or RBGs. I still think hunters have a long way to go to be competitive in rated PvP again, there’s a lot of mechanics that are simply broken right now. Our PvP 4set is a joke. Focus regen in PvP is atrocious. Snake Trap, need I say more? The pet health bug. Pathing issues. Buggy pet AI. So many problems with our pets. Notice I’m not listing minimum range. Because this is NOT a PvP problem. It’s a PvE problem.

I’d like some of the more glaring bugs to be fixed. My pets need to spawn at full health. This is a problem in every aspect of content. My pet should not be getting one-shot by boss AOE or a skillstorming warrior after I call it out. I’d like to see focus be a little less clunky. Regen issues should not be resolved via a gear set bonus, it should be fixed in the actual shot mechanics. I’d like to see a new tamable type of pet. I do NOT want more stable slots. This isn’t pokémon. They want people to make hard choices? Make people choose which of the eight rainbow spiders they really NEED. Make people choose which of the twenty cat skins they really NEED. Especially considering the way they’re changing pets in pandaland and basically one pet can be all three pet types now [ferocity, cunning, tenacity]… we have even less need for stable slots than we did before. Are they taking away unique pet buffs? I hope not.


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