Bucket List Revisited

Thought I would take a look at my original list and see what all I actually got done. The list was overly ambitious and frankly… I got burned out and stopped playing for a while. How did I do? Well… I got maybe half of this done. MAYBE.


  • Heroic: Madness of Deathwing
  • Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
  • Full best in slot gear on Zan
  • I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am
  • Finish all non-metas from Ulduar 10m (missing 2, and they’re both easy, I’m disappointed in myself here)
  • Finish all non-metas from Ulduar 25m (completed May 8)
  • Finish last Wrath dungeon achievements (missing 1)
  • Finish last Cata dungeon achievements (missing Hex Mix, burned through about 30 hex sticks and I still do not have it. wtf???)


5.0.4 Hunter DPS Watch

We got through the first 4 bosses in heroic DS, lots of problems with mods and DCs so raid was fairly slow tonight. Just some quick notes before I head to bed. First couple bosses I was still getting used to my new rotation so I did poorly:

But then I got used to all the new buttons and things started to look normal again:

It looks like I was way off on the “be prepared to sit on the bottom” thing. Can’t say I am sad to be wrong about that!

A few notes:

  • I was peaking at over 70k DPS with all my CDs up in the initial burst of BM. I can only imagine how much more I’d be doing with Stampede to add into the mix, plus I’m forging OUT of crit to hit EXP cap (which I’m slightly below due to my hasty and shoddy reforge job 10 mins before raid).
  • You can’t Kill Command on Ultraxion and I’m told it bugs out on Warmaster drakes and Madness arms.
  • I am told Lynx Rush bugs out on Spine.
  • Lynx Rush is so much better than A Murder of Crows.
  • Raiding seriously as BM is amazing.

I look forward to finishing the raid tomorrow night. I’ll have some notes on SV raiding since I’m prolly going to have to do 75% of the last half of the raid as SV due to KC bugs.

Anyone notice anything weird that I didn’t catch tonight?

Last DS raid… time to give away a prize!

Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider!

Last Tuesday my guild completed our T13 metas, so I can cross another item off of my bucket list.

After our group pictures for the website, I headed out to Netherstorm to take some pictures because I thought the sky would go well with my new mount:

Just to take a moment to brag about my guild and my officers… I love that they are very focused on making sure everyone gets their mounts and achievements and all the extra stuff a lot of other guilds don’t bother with. The officers genuinely care about the guild and are very intent on rewarding everyone for their hard work during progression. They made sure everyone who needed an achievement got it, even if it was someone who was a backup and filling a hole in the roster that night. Anyone who has ever attended a raid night this tier has their name on the mount list for the heroic Madness mount. Sure, it might be at the bottom of the list, but the difference between TCN and most guilds is you know you will get your mount in TCN. We’re not going to stop farming until everyone in the guild has their title and mount. And I think that’s awesome. I’m lucky to be in a guild where the officers actually care about the people they raid with and make sure everyone feels like they’re being rewarded for helping out.

The evolution of my UI

Something I’ve always found amusing is looking back at how my old screen shots snd laughing at how genuinely terrible my UI used to be. In my Hunter 101 post on setting up your UI, I explain why it’s important to have certain things in certain places to maximize your efficiency while playing.

This is my current UI. I use ElvUI with several modifications to the default setup. I’ve really streamlined my UI at this point… I barely use any addons anymore, just Serenity, Recount, Quartz, Miks Scrolling Battle Text, Omen, and DBM. Serenity is still the only addon I consider to be completely essential. If I could only have two addons, I’d pick Serenity and NeedToKnow.

Behind the cut, follow me on a journey through the fairly embarrassing evolution of my UI.


Mists of Pandaria Bucket List

Lots of people are making “Bucket Lists” of things they want to accomplish before the next expansion. I’ve had one going for a while, but I never officially posted it. Maybe if I actually write these goals down, I’ll be more likely to get them done!


  • Heroic: Madness of Deathwing
  • Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
  • Full best in slot gear on Zan (2 pieces to go)
  • I Can’t Hear You Over the Sound of How Awesome I Am (Sinestra immortal achievement)
  • Finish all non-metas from Ulduar 10m
  • Finish all non-metas from Ulduar 25m
  • Finish last Wrath dungeon achievements
  • Finish last Cata dungeon achievements



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