Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider!

Last Tuesday my guild completed our T13 metas, so I can cross another item off of my bucket list.

After our group pictures for the website, I headed out to Netherstorm to take some pictures because I thought the sky would go well with my new mount:

Just to take a moment to brag about my guild and my officers… I love that they are very focused on making sure everyone gets their mounts and achievements and all the extra stuff a lot of other guilds don’t bother with. The officers genuinely care about the guild and are very intent on rewarding everyone for their hard work during progression. They made sure everyone who needed an achievement got it, even if it was someone who was a backup and filling a hole in the roster that night. Anyone who has ever attended a raid night this tier has their name on the mount list for the heroic Madness mount. Sure, it might be at the bottom of the list, but the difference between TCN and most guilds is you know you will get your mount in TCN. We’re not going to stop farming until everyone in the guild has their title and mount. And I think that’s awesome. I’m lucky to be in a guild where the officers actually care about the people they raid with and make sure everyone feels like they’re being rewarded for helping out.

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