Hunter 101: Gems and Enchants

Enchants and gems are listed in order from best to least optimal. You should always aim for the best enchant on all of your gear, but I have provided cheaper options for fresh 85s who want to optimize their gear but not splurge on the best of the best for blues they know they’re about to replace. You should ALWAYS enchant your gear, no excuses!

Obviously, the profession-specific option will almost always be the best option for that slot. Read more about your profession options in my Hunter 101 post on professions.

There are a couple of Wrath of the Lich King enchants on this list, indicated by a (wotlk) note… strangely enough, these enchants are still VERY viable in Cataclysm end-game raiding.


A note on socket bonuses: Should you gem for the socket bonus?
Usually, the answer is no. We tend to just throw straight agi gems in every socket regardless of the color EXCEPT in two very specific circumstances:
A) when the socket bonus is +20 agility OR MORE,
B) to activate your meta gem.
Why? Because in the case of a +20 agi socket bonus, you’re getting +40 agility PLUS +20 of another stat if you gem for the bonus.

I do not have pure yellow or blue gems listed because no pure yellow or blue gem is best for a hunter. You should NEVER gem straight secondary stats in PvE; agility is our prime stat and all your gems should either be pure agility or an agility hybrid.







  • Arcanum of the Ramkahen [+60 agi, +30 haste] — Requires revered with Ramkahen, binds to account so it can be purchased by another toon if for some strange reason your hunter is not your main










  • Agility [+40 agi] — Enchanting-only, requires skill of 475 to apply/use

Melee Weapon

Ranged Weapon

Thank you to Nevermourn for pointing out a typo. <3

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