Hunter questions in MoP

The game is essentially getting revamped for Mists of Pandaria and I know I’ve got a handful of questions as to how these changes will affect the Hunter class.

  1. With the loss of the melee weapon slot, how will quest items or specialty holiday items such as the Bouquet of Red Roses that are currently classified as main-/off-/one-handers be dealt with?
  2. In the same vein as the first question, how will this loss of our melee weapon affect us in PvP? Currently, the only way to counter a disarm is to put a weapon chain on your melee weapon. Will there be an equivalent PvP scope for us now? Is this going to be addressed as a 2- or 4-set bonus on our PvP gear? Surely hunters are not expected to eat full 10 second disarms while the melee classes have the ability to reduce their disarm to 4 seconds.
  3. It’s been stated multiple times in multiple places that they want to “add variety” to the different specs of pure DPS classes. The play styles are fairly similar and require little to no change in gearing and stat priority. The play style from Enhancement to Elemental Shaman is MASSIVELY different. The play style for Warlocks is greatly different from spec to spec. The only real difference in hunter specs, as they are now, is a couple of shots are different and one of the specs gets more damage from their pet then the other two. Does this mean we may see a pure Ranger spec for Hunters in the future?
  4. They have all but stated the hybrid tax is gone now. Hybrid classes are topping damage meters and unique Hunter buffs (Trueshot Aura, for example) are now shared by many other classes. Cool pet buffs we were able to bring to fill holes in the raid comp (rend, phys dmg increase, etc) are supposedly being removed. What motivation do raids have to bring pure DPS classes like Hunters when our damage is middle-of-road at best and we have no other role we can step in to?

I’ll continue to add to this list as I think of more. These questions are things I am actively seeking answers to and hope to have answers as more information about the expansion becomes available. Inquiring minds want to know!

What Hunter changes in the next expansion are you curious about?

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