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The evolution of my UI

Something I’ve always found amusing is looking back at how my old screen shots snd laughing at how genuinely terrible my UI used to be. In my Hunter 101 post on setting up your UI, I explain why it’s important to have certain things in certain places to maximize your efficiency while playing.

This is my current UI. I use ElvUI with several modifications to the default setup. I’ve really streamlined my UI at this point… I barely use any addons anymore, just Serenity, Recount, Quartz, Miks Scrolling Battle Text, Omen, and DBM. Serenity is still the only addon I consider to be completely essential. If I could only have two addons, I’d pick Serenity and NeedToKnow.

Behind the cut, follow me on a journey through the fairly embarrassing evolution of my UI.


My UI: Hunter setup

I was asked by a couple of people to make another post specifically about the nuts and bolts of my UI, so here’s a more detailed post about the how and why of my setup.

Please check out my Hunter 101 post for info about getting started with your UI and a general overview of why I’ve got things organized the way I do. If you’ve never set up a UI before or are looking for help to make your UI more efficient to maximize your performance, definitely read that post!

As always, my UI pics link to full-size versions.

UI screen shot taken 5 Aug 2011.


Hunter 101: Setting up your UI

Having a clean, efficient UI is important for more than just having your game look pretty while you play. A good UI set up helps you filter out unnecessary information so you can concentrate on what you need to know in order to maximize your performance.

I’m going to explain not only how I set up my UI, but why I have it set up this way. All the screenshots in this post link to full size (2474 x 1392) versions so you can clearly see my setup.



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