The evolution of my UI

Something I’ve always found amusing is looking back at how my old screen shots snd laughing at how genuinely terrible my UI used to be. In my Hunter 101 post on setting up your UI, I explain why it’s important to have certain things in certain places to maximize your efficiency while playing.

This is my current UI. I use ElvUI with several modifications to the default setup. I’ve really streamlined my UI at this point… I barely use any addons anymore, just Serenity, Recount, Quartz, Miks Scrolling Battle Text, Omen, and DBM. Serenity is still the only addon I consider to be completely essential. If I could only have two addons, I’d pick Serenity and NeedToKnow.

Behind the cut, follow me on a journey through the fairly embarrassing evolution of my UI.

When I first started playing, the concept of addons was completely beyond me. I had no idea you could change the way things were set up and I went from 1-75 with nothing. I was told to get Recount, so I downloaded that. I didn’t really understand what it was or why I needed it, but damn it, I had it!

I think we can all agree the default UI is decidedly NOT efficient, as seen here in this screen shot of me hitting 80:

Not only are my keybinds beyond horrible, look how gigantic my chat window is! Why??? This is pretty bad, but when I started raiding, my UI got even worse. This screen shot is what made me realize I needed to get some addons and change my setup:

Honestly, it’s embarrassing.

I got some addons and came up with this:

And then I discovered keybinding:

I eventually cleaned up my UI so it wasn’t embarrassingly bad, just not very good. By the time I hit 85, it had gotten a little better, but I was still wasting a lot of screen real estate with crappy action bar setup:

A few months in to Cataclysm stuff clicked and I found a pretty decent setup that lasted for quite a while:

^ April 2011 ^

^ October 2011 ^

^ February 2012, The last Franken-UI I had before switching to ElvUI. ^

It’s been an interesting journey these past few years. I absolutely believe there is a direct connection between the improvement in my UI and keybinds and my progression in skill. As you can see with my current setup, you don’t REALLY need a whole bunch of addons to get a nice, clean, efficient UI.

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