The great MM DPS experiment

“Hunter DPS is fine.” — Ghostcrawler

Today I explored the value of crit vs. haste, ranged weapon damage, and considered racial bonuses for hunters.

Frustrated with seemingly “bad” dps, I spent a fair amount of time on the target dummies today. With my current gear, I’m peaking at ~27k DPS on a target dummy with sustained DPS of around 24k. I asked my lovely friend Cathzilla, the top hunter on my server, to join me at the dummies for a comparison. He was parsing much higher, peaking around 34k and sustaining 25-27k. We both hit the dummy for about 3.5 minutes at a time [roughly a full RF cycle] so our numbers are about as close as they could be for comparison with us hitting the dummies at different times.

We have fairly similar gear, both of us are currently at 388 ilvl and our stats are fairly similar… ~6500 agility, 31-32% crit, 1400-1600 haste. He’s got more crit than me and a crit-proccing trinket, I’ve got more haste than him and a haste-proccing trinket.

Professions-wise, we are both Engineers using Synapse Springs on our gloves. He’s an Alchemist but was not flasked, I am a Leatherworker with the extra agi to bracers enchant.

The biggest differences between our gear is he’s got 4pc heroic T12, I have 3pc. He has heroic Ragnaros bow, I’ve got the #2 BiS weapon from H Rhyo. I’ve got the best stat stick [H Ranseur] he’s got #2 [H Fandral]. I’ve got the Matrix Restabilizer trinket, he’s still using H Cyclone from T11. Yes, MR has a chance to proc crit, but due to my other trinket consistently proccing haste, MR procs haste almost every time.

His gear slightly edges mine out, but we’re VERY close. I feel like the difference in our gear shouldn’t be equating to a consistent 2-3k gap in our parses. Does the H Ragnaros bow really do THAT much for your damage output? Does his Worgen racial really edge out the second best alliance race by THAT much?

The only way I could figure to equal things out as much as possible was to use the same weapon. He had vendored all his other weapons from this tier, so we went through our banks and found the only ranged weapon we both have in common: The BiS Sunwell bow, Golden Bow of Quel’Thalas. I asked a friend to give us a countdown so we started at the exact same time and we both hit the dummy for the exact same amount of time using the exact same kind of pet [cat] and the exact same ranged weapon.

The results:

Taking in to account RNG, procs, and the fact that we were both about .25% below hit cap on a level 85 elite target dummy, he still out DPSed me, but by a much smaller margin.

What’s odd is the fact that he’s got 5 more Chimera Shots than me over an identical time span. I know I delayed my Chimera Shot one time because of an Aimed Shot! proc, but I still have less shots fired than him. Unbuffed, I have more haste rating than he does and I’ve also got a haste proc trinket, so theoretically, you would think you’d be seeing slightly more shots being fired by me, not him.

Granted the “use the same bow” parse was only done one time and we would need to conduct this experiment several dozen times to get accurate results… but given that we dicked around on the target dummies for over an hour, I’d say I have enough data to draw SOME conclusions from it.

My conclusions?

Crit is still absolutely a better stat than haste for hunters. I don’t think I need to stack crit, but when debating between the two stats when reforging or swapping gear around, I will, with no question, prioritize crit over haste.

That being said, I am seriously considering a race change to Worgen. Even when we used the same bow, he was consistently ahead of me during our parse and only right at the end did things level out as our Piercing Shots ticked away on the dummy.

Using our normal raid gear, he was destroying me in damage. Obviously having 400 more top end damage than me is a MASSIVE difference. I already knew RDPS was my most important stat but holy crap on a cracker, I need that bow.

The fact that he’s still getting more shots off than I am tells me that I probably need to tighten up my rotation a bit. Missing five Chimera Shots over the course of a 3.5 minute parse is inexcusable.

One thought on “The great MM DPS experiment

  1. I realize this comment will be for an entry that is two months old, but I noticed one thing looking at the Recount. Compared to Cathzilla, you casted 4 additional Aimed Shots (non-proc). If both of you indeed attacked the target dummy for the same amount of time (accounting for marginal errors), the extra cast time for those extra Aimed Shots would take up the time that would be used for Chimera Shot cooldowns.

    All other shots were marginally equal in terms of the number fired. I’m wondering though if your Wild Quiver proc is lower because of the extra Aimed Shots since you’d be limiting the number of potential Wild Quiver shots as well.

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