Transmog Thursday: Faux Spiritstalker

Every Thursday, I’d like to feature a great looking hunter transmog set. We’ll start off this series with my current transmog set, something I call Faux Spiritstalker.

This is the first non-tier transmog set I put together for myself. It’s a combination of T10 and T13 shaman pieces with a bow from Naxx. This set looks great when paired with the undead vulture pet!

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s half-raid drops, half-crafted items, so it was pretty easy to put together.

Helm: Snowstorm Helm
Shoulder: Imperfect Specimens 27 and 28
Chest: Ghostworld Chestguard
Gloves: Gloves of Ghostly Dreams
Belt: Nerubian Belt OR Girdle of Shattered Stone
Pants: Nerubian Legguards
Boots: Swiftarrow Boots
Range: Arrowsong
Polearm: Grizzy Glaive of the Owl

If your hunter has an awesome transmog you’d like featured, email me pictures (and info about the pieces used) at!

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