Transmog Thursday: Dragonstriker

Every Thursday I feature a fantastic hunter transmogrification set. This week we have Ketsuyki, Blood Elf hunter from Blackwing Lair (US).

Pieces used:

Shoulders: Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards
Back: Sha’tari Anchorite’s Cloak
Chest: Golden Dragonstrike Breastplate
Wrists: Modest Armguards
Hands: Cowpoke’s Riding Gloves
Belt: Guardian’s Chain Girdle
Legs: Dragonstrike Leggings
Feet: Boots of Twinkling Stars
2H Weapon: Reclaimed Shadowstrike
Ranged: Black Bow of the Betrayer

If your hunter has an awesome transmog you’d like featured, email me pictures (and info about the pieces used) at!

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